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What is shock Absorber

vertical direction during driving, and the elastic elements in the suspension system will vibrate accordingly when impacted. Therefore, it is necessary to install shock absorbers in parallel with the elastic elements in the suspension to attenuate vibration and improve the ride comfort of the car
The hydraulic shock absorber is usually used in the automobile suspension system. Its working principle is that when the frame or the body and the axle are subject to relative motion due to vibration, the piston in the shock absorber moves up and down, and the oil in the shock absorber flows from one cavity to another repeatedly through different gaps. At this time, the friction between the hole wall and the oil and the internal friction between the oil molecules consume the vibration energy, and form a damping force on the vibration, so that the vehicle vibration energy is converted into oil heat energy, which is then absorbed by the shock absorber and distributed to the atmosphere. When the factors such as the oil channel load surface remain unchanged, the damping force changes with the increase or decrease of the relative motion speed between the frame and the axle, and is related to the number and size of the oil viscosity holes.
Elastic elements and shock absorbers are responsible for buffering and damping. If the damping force is too large, the vibration attenuation becomes too fast, which makes the buffering effect of the elastic elements of the suspension worse, and even damages the shock absorber connectors and the frame. Generally, the car may be in three states during driving; The first is to drive on a good road, where elastic elements are required to play a full role; The second is that the shock absorber plays a leading role in the case that the vehicle bears medium strength vibration; The third case is that the vehicle is subject to severe vibration, which is closely related to the tire grounding. In order to work in coordination with elastic elements under the above three conditions, the shock absorber must meet the following requirements:
(1) During the suspension compression stroke (the axle and the frame are close to each other), the damping force of the shock absorber is small, so as to give full play to the elastic role of the elastic elements and mitigate the impact. At this time, the elastic element plays a major role;
(2) During the suspension stretching stroke (the axle and the frame are far away from each other), the damping force of the shock absorber should be large to reduce the vibration quickly. At this time, the shock absorber plays a major role;
(3) When the relative motion speed between the frame or body and the axle is too high, the shock absorber is required to increase the fluid flow freely to keep the damping force within a certain limit, so as to avoid the frame or body bearing excessive impact load.
The hydraulic shock absorber widely used in automobile suspension system is a cylindrical shock absorber, which is also called a two-way shock absorber because it can reduce vibration in both compression and extension strokes.
The working principle of the two-way acting shock absorber. The outer steel cylinder is a dust cover, and the upper part is connected with the frame (body) by a ring. The steel cylinder in the middle is an oil reservoir, with a certain amount of shock absorber oil inside, and a ring at the lower part is connected with the axle. The innermost steel cylinder is a working cylinder filled with shock absorber oil. In the inner part of the working cylinder, the piston rod, which is integrated with the dust cover and the upper ring, is used to fix the piston at its bottom end. The piston is equipped with an extension valve and a flow valve, and the lower base of the working cylinder is equipped with a compression valve and a compensation valve. In order to make the shock absorber meet the working requirements, the springs of the flow valve and the compensation valve are relatively soft, and smaller oil pressure can be opened or closed. The springs of the compression valve and the extension valve are relatively hard, and can only be opened when the oil pressure increases to a certain extent; As long as the oil pressure drops slightly, the valve will be closed immediately
The working process of the two-way acting cylinder shock absorber is as follows: when the stroke is compressed, the shock absorber is compressed, the car wheels move closer to the body, the piston in the shock absorber moves downward, the volume of the lower chamber decreases, and the oil pressure increases. Most of the oil flows into the upper chamber after flushing the flow valve. Since the upper chamber is occupied by the piston rod, the increased volume of the upper chamber is smaller than the decreased volume of the lower chamber, so the other part of the oil flows back to the oil reservoir by pushing the compression valve. When the oil passes through the valve hole, the shock absorber is stretched and the wheels are far away from the body. At this time, the piston of the shock absorber moves upward, the oil pressure in the upper chamber rises, the flow valve is closed, and the oil hydraulic opening valve in the upper chamber flows into the lower chamber. Due to the existence of the piston rod, the oil flowing from the upper chamber is not enough to fill the increased solution deposit in the lower chamber, prompting the lower chamber to produce a certain degree of vacuum. At this time, the oil in the oil reservoir pushes the compensation valve open and flows into the lower chamber for supplement. The throttling of these valves has a damping effect on the suspension during stretching movement.
As the spring stiffness and pre tension force of the stretching valve are designed to be greater than those of the compression valve, under the same force, the total load area of the stretching valve and the corresponding normal gap channel is less than the total load area of the compression valve and the corresponding normal gap channel, which makes the damping force generated by the stretching stroke of the shock absorber greater than the damping force generated by the compression stroke, so as to meet the requirements for rapid vibration reduction.
In addition, the suspension systems of some models use inflatable shock absorbers, adjustable damping force shock absorbers and inflatable shock absorbers. The lower part of the cylinder barrel of the shock absorber is equipped with a floating piston, and a closed gas chamber is formed between the floating piston and one end of the cylinder barrel, with high-pressure nitrogen inside. The floating piston (gas sealing piston) is covered with oil, and the piston is equipped with a large section O-ring, which is used to completely separate oil and gas. The movement speed of the working piston changes, resulting in different damping forces. Both the stretching valve and the compression valve are composed of a group of spring steel sheets with the same thickness and different diameters arranged from large to small.
Compared with the two-way acting cylinder shock absorber, the inflatable shock absorber has the following advantages:
(1) The floating piston reduces the system of a set of valves, simplifying the structure and reducing the weight.
(2) As the shock absorber is filled with high pressure nitrogen, it can reduce the vibration of the wheel under sudden impact and eliminate noise.
(3) As the working cylinder and piston diameter of the gas filled shock absorber are larger than those of the two-way acting cylinder shock absorber under the same conditions, its damping is greater and its working reliability is stronger.
(4) The high-pressure gas and oil in the pneumatic shock absorber are separated by the floating piston, which eliminates the oil emulsification.
The disadvantage of gas filled shock absorber is that it has high oil seal requirements, complex gas filling process, and is difficult to maintain. When the cylinder cylinder is changed due to large external impact, it cannot work.
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