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Reasons for Failure of Truck Pressure Plate

What is the function of the clutch pressure plate?
The clutch pressure plate is an important part of your manual vehicle clutch system. It is a heavy metal plate controlled by springs and levers. Its main purpose is to apply pressure to the main clutch plate (or clutch disc) to make it close to the engine flywheel. This allows energy to flow from the engine crankshaft, through the engaged clutch to the gearbox/gearbox system, then through the drive shaft, and then to the wheels.
When the driver steps on the clutch pedal, the pressure plate will stop applying pressure to the main clutch plate, thereby disengaging the clutch pressure plate, the clutch plate and the engine flywheel (eliminating the friction pressure). This interrupts the transmission of engine power, allowing the driver to easily engage and shift gears.

The cause of the pressure plate problem:
The clutch system of the vehicle may malfunction, causing damage to the pressure plate:
Clutch disc wear-A worn clutch disc/plate will damage the clutch pressure plate. Once the bushing is completely worn from the clutch disc/clutch plate, the rivets or other metal parts on the clutch plate will rub directly on the pressure plate.
Broken fingers or broken springs-If one of the fingers of the multiple clutch pressure plates protruding from the center of the clutch plate is broken or bent, the clutch will not work properly and it may be difficult to engage the gears.
In addition, if the spring device of the clutch pressure plate is damaged, you may not be able to engage or disconnect the clutch and gear at all, overheating  your car’s clutch.

Post time: Nov-26-2022