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How to debug the clutch booster pump

Debugging method of clutch booster pump: keep the free clearance between master cylinder push rod and piston at about 1mm, and lock the fastening nut. Keep the clearance of power cylinder at 3-
Lock the limit screw about 6mm. The free clearance between the push rod of the main pump and the piston is kept at about 1 matter meter, and the fastening nut is locked; The brake fluid filled must conform to
DOT3 or HZY3 standard automobile synthetic brake fluid,
The pneumatic booster of the clutch driven oil brake booster is located in the dry hydraulic loss mechanism, and shares a set of compressed air with the pneumatic braking system and other pneumatic equipment
Air source, which is mainly composed of air pressure control valve, hydraulic cylinder, dynamic active cooling and housing. The master cylinder and slave cylinder are equivalent to two hydraulic cylinders. The main pump is equipped with oil inlet pipe and
There is only one pipe on the oil outlet pipe and the auxiliary pump. When the clutch is pressed, the pressure of the master cylinder is transmitted to the slave cylinder. The slave cylinder works, and the clutch pressure plate and clutch plate
It is separated from the flywheel by the release fork, and then gear shifting can be started. When the clutch is released, the slave cylinder stops working, the clutch pressure plate and plate contact the flywheel, power transmission continues, and the oil in the slave cylinder flows back to the oil tank.
In order to feel and control the degree of clutch separation or engagement at any time, the output force of the pneumatic booster has a certain speed with the clutch pedal stroke
Increasing function relationship. In addition, when the pneumatic power system fails, the clutch can be operated manually.
Our Clutch Servo Have Follow Numbers:
9701500080 4213529202 1000129485AM 7421204549 1604-00695 7420933629 9700516010
1000139593AM 1604-00011 625375AM 629184AM 1000443297AM 1000443297AM
22085058 KA1000919865 627612AM 629300AM 622108AM 622109AM 626392AM KV25001A1
1673067 1526523 1655639 626639AM 629276AM 629277AM 622190AM 622199AM 622785AM
1000443298AM 624199AM 625524AM 627946AM 628027AM 628275AM 628488AM 628493AM
8171721/20524585 628494AM 629497AM 630361AM 9740100010 625359AM 9700511070
7422086625 9700511020 9700511110 9700511140 9700511240 9700511260 9700511270
22085058 9700511280 9700511310 9700511370 9700511510 9700511520 9700511540
1000274399AM 9700511540 9700511570 9700511580 97005115909 9700511640 9700511680
9700511690 97005117009 700511710 9700511740 9700511760 9700512050 9700512060 9700512090 9700512170 9700512240 9700512270 9700514020 9700514050 9700514120 9700514220 9700514230 9700514240 9700514310 9700514290 9700514360 9700514380 9700514390 9700514410 9700514550 9700514570 9700514590 9700514600 9700514650 9700514660 9700514730 9700514740 9700514840 46203080 1608N-001 46203502 46203505 VG3200 VG3204 VG3208 VG3229 VG3261 VG3268 VG3287 VG3288 VG3289 VG3361 3566103 APGA1605P APGA16XX VG3262 WG9719230025 WG9725230041/1 WG9725230041/2 WG9725230042/2

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